Monday, June 18, 2007

Blog in Exile: Random News & Links for 6/18

A satirical play entitled Xenu Is Loose! is causing trouble for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe; the massed lawyers of Scientology are threatening action. Your eye-rolling quote of the day comes from Church of Scientology spokeswoman Janet Kenyon Laveau: "We would advise people to find out for yourself from the horse's mouth, not from some kooks." No, you certainly wouldn't want to listen to some kooks, now, would you?

Comic Book Resources had a long post on Friday (which I missed then) with lots of comics, pulp, and paperback art.

From NPR's All Things Considered, Rick Kleffel (of The Agony Column) reports on the new breed of vampire fiction.

Susan Palwick is baffled that her new novel Shelter getting reviewed by Romantic Times.

Marc Andreessen has listed the top 10 SF novelists of the '00s. (And, if you can't trust the skiffy taste of the guy who invented the modern web browser, who can you trust?) [via John Scalzi, who's on the list]

Charles Stross is not very hopeful about the possibility of space colonization.

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