Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blog in Exile: McSweeney's Auctions & Sales

McSweeney's, one of the many small publishers who lost money in the AMS bankruptcy, is holding a series of auctions and sales to help keep their operation afloat and make up the lost money. (It's hard for a small publisher to keep going when their books get sold but the company collecting the money goes under without passing on that money.)

The auctions (on eBay) have such one-of-a-kind items as art by Tony Millionaire, David Byrne, or Dave Eggers; original proofs; Spike Jonze doodles; and other things.

They don't have much SF/F as such, but I'd personally recommend such good books as:
The full list of books is here; and the various McSweeney's issues are here. If anything looks intriguing, please buy directly from them, and help save a great small press.

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