Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm ComicMixing, Baby!

Remember how I used to do another blog, for a corporate entity that I shall not here name? Well, it looks like I'll be doing basically the same thing, as part of a group blog called ComicMix.

My first post -- an article on Paizo Publishing's new Planet Stories imprint -- is already up, and I think the kind of things I've been doing here as "Blog in Exile" will start appearing there soon. "Soon" meaning: a) I actually do some posts and get them into the ComicMix system, and 2) the Secret ComicMix Overlords don't suddenly have a fit of good sense and decide they don't want me after all.

ComicMix has been posting articles by plenty of people whose work I've respected and liked for years (like John Ostrander and Dennis O'Neil), so I'm thrilled to be a part of it. As you might guess from the name, ComicMix's central focus is on comics, but they seem to be pretty broad-church in their interests. (After all, we're all geeks together, right?)

So my posting here may become more erratic or less voluminous, and the "Blog in Exile" stuff will probably stop (I'll post again once I'm sure it's going up over there). On the other hand, I feel like I keep saying "I'm afraid I'll post less" every month or so here, and yet I keep posting more. We'll have to see what actually happens.


Jeremy said...

I am super happy to hear this sir. Your blog has been ridiculously exhaustive lately, and I'm glad you've been picked up for a pro blog. Might as well make some change while you're at it!

John Joseph Adams said...

Congrats on that, Andy! You're definitely the man (or machine?) for the job.

Bibliomike said...

Congratulations! I just added Comicmix to my Bloglines feed, so, see, you have already brought them at least one new reader! :-)

Anonymous said...

Didja know you have to join Comicsmix to comment? I was going to comment on a Harry Potter article in yesterday's WashPost religion page -- says it's a Christian allegory -- but I decided it was too much trouble.

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