Monday, June 25, 2007

Blog in Exile: Magazine Round-Up, 6/25

SF Scope reports that Electric Velocipede's recent subscription drive was successful, and that EV will continue.

The Internet Review of Science Fiction is in the middle of a redesign, and plans to relaunch in August -- but it has some short fiction reviews by Lois Tilton to keep interest alive.

Strange Horizons was updated today as usual, with a story by Ruth Nestvold, a column from Matthew Cheney, and more.

Subterranean Magazine has just posted the second part of Elizabeth Bear's story "Suicide Jack and the One-Eyed King," and an entire new Gene Wolfe story -- all for free.

Analog has posted the Table of Contents for their September issue -- it will contain stories by both Dave Creek and Uncle River (which must be deliberate), as well as Howard V. Hendrix and E. Mark Mitchell.

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