Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blog in Exile: Roger Elwood, 1943-2007

Locus Online reports that noted '70s anthologist and Christian novelist Roger Elwood died on February 2nd of this year. Elwood was also the founding editor of Laser Books and, in more recent years, worked in the evangelical Christian market. He had been living in Norfolk City, Virginia.

His Wikipedia entry has not yet been updated. Also available online is Teresa Nielsen Hayden's version of his Wikipedia entry (containing more extensive information on his anthology activities) and a Making Light comment thread in part about Elwood.

Edit: Fixed birth date (from 1933 to 1943), on the preponderance of the evidence and the request of family (see comment, below).


Anonymous said...

Locus appears to have gotten the wrong year for Elwood's birth.

Andrew Wheeler said...

James: Locus had 1943 and Wikipedia had 1933 -- I chose the latter because it seemed more reasonable for someone whose first published anthology was in 1964. I don't know his birth year for certain myself.

Anonymous said...

Clute and Nicholls give it as 1933, which is why I believe you are right and they are wrong.

Anonymous said...

"They" being Locus. I need more coffee.

Anonymous said...

I am Roger Elwood's first cousin. My name is Mary Elwood Zimmerman. I was born in April, 1945 and Roger was born in 1943. He was less than two years older than me. My father was Tom Elwood, the brother of Roger's father Raymond Elwood. My father died in May, 1999 and Raymond died in October of 1999.

Anonymous said...

i was introduced to mr elwood my roommate chris viores
i was lucky enough to have some photos taken by mr elwood in 1985 and 86. i was working with a few teen magazines.
i am hoping to find someone who may have access to his photo files.
some of those pics would mean the world to my family

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