Saturday, June 30, 2007

Blog in Exile: The Scoop

I posted an Introduction to "Blog in Exile" when I started it, but I think a very quick explanation up here at the end of time may also be helpful, since my traffic is picking up.

Hello. This is the personal blog of Andrew Wheeler, and it consists of lots of different things. The list of topics are to the left, under my profile. The topic names are phrased a bit whimsically, but I think are basically understandable.

If you're here for the long lists of science fictional links, they're all under the "Blog in Exile" topic. Books I've just read are in Books Read, and my Book-A-Day Project from late 2006 is also lurking in the archives. I'll leave you to discover other things, as and if you want to.

Comments are welcome, as long as they're not spam and are either vaguely related to the topic of the post or entertaining.

Welcome to Antick Musings; I hope you enjoy it.


Larc said...

Wow, blogging from the

Flip Dixon said...

andrew, can you tell us anything interesting about 2019?

Andrew Wheeler said...

Pamela: I'm afraid the Chronological Protection Corps won't allow me to comment directly on the world of 2019, though I can say it still sucks to be a Cubs fan.

(I can point you to my post on the great time-travel novels of the 23rd century, though.)

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