Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blog in Exile: Random News & Links for 6/19

The Daily (of the University of Washington) visits the Science Fiction Museum and reports back.

Articulate (a blog of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) rounds up reactions to the recent launch of the Orbit SF/Fantasy imprint in Australia, and the hiring of Bernadette Foley as publisher of the line.

Ever wonder exactly how books get onto those tables at the front of the book store? Well, it's not pretty, and a recently leaked letter from the Waterstone's chain in the UK details exactly how: publishers pay through the nose for those spots -- and compete for them, to boot. (I imagine, if anything, US prices are higher, since the market is larger.)

John Scalzi and Justine Larbalestier explain to young writers that they do, in fact, suck, but that this is natural and that they can leave the realms of suck with some hard work and practice.

In today's installment of Double Entendre Theatre, John Ricards has unearthed an old comics page urging you to "Come for Jesus."

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