Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just Read: Lucky Lulu by John Stanley and Irving Tripp

From various freebie shelves over the past year or two at my former employer, I picked up four Little Lulu collections. Since I'm trying to read through all of my accumulated comical books right now (and, after that, the rest of the stack they're on next to my desk), I figured I should read them as well.

Lucky Lulu had the lowest number on the spine (number 9), so I read it first. I'm not entirely sure what to think, so I'll hit at least one more of these before coming out with any definitive opinion. But this feels awfully outdated to me; it's not only nothing like my kids' current childhoods, but it's nothing like my childhood (physically or emotionally). The stories are pleasant enough, and vaguely amusing, but I don't feel much connection to them. I'll say more once I've read April Fools, volume 11...

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