Saturday, June 30, 2007

Incoming Books: Week of 6/30

Saturday is my slowest day for traffic (hey, it's the day I spend the least amount of time on the 'Net, too), so I'm going to try to remember to stick these record-keeping posts on Saturdays, since I suspect they're mostly of interest to the man typing them.

I made a trip into the city this week, to have a late lunch with my brother at the Shake Shack and to hit the comics shop, so the haul this week is entirely comical:
  • a whole pile of things for the boys, including four comics they get now and three digest-sized collections they'll get at various later dates
  • Fox Bunny Funny, a wordless trade paperback from Andy Hartzell, whose work I'm sure I've seen before. I just read it, and I'll have to think about it, and maybe figure out what else Hartzell has done.
  • Grendel Archives by Matt Wagner, a collection of the long-out-of-print early Grendel comics. I expect it to be more "interesting" than "good," but it's a nice little hardcover at a reasonable price, so I'll be happy with it either way.
  • Fables, Vol. 9: Sons of Empire by Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, and others
  • The Pulse, Vol. 1 by Bendis and others, because Midtown Comics had a whole shelf of them for half-price, and because I'm vaguely interested in what Bendis did with Jessica Jones after Alias ended.
  • Apollo's Song by Osamu Tezuka, because I've read two volumes of Buddha and just finished Ode to Kirihito (which is...something I'll have to think about for a bit before I can be coherent on the subject), and because Vertical does such great packages for his books.
Those are all comics, as I said, so I should have them all finished by this time next week -- my ultimate aim is to eliminate one or more of the three big stacks of books next to my computer desk. (I've already lopped a good two feet off of the top of one of them, this month.)

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