Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Readercon Ho!

After some dithering (mostly about the cost), I finally decided that I will attend Readercon this year. (It'll be my first time, actually.) And I just realized that it's starting in just over a week.

I hope to see many folks there, and maybe even meet some new people. If you read Antick Musings, and you're at Readercon, say hello if you get a chance. (It'll also be your chance to complain about whatever I'm doing wrong -- I know fandom, so I'm sure everyone has at least one thing they loathe about Antick Musings.)

But the real reason I'm posting now is because I need a ride. My car -- the fabled "dark car," which saw me up to the most recent Boskone and Philcon and through about a year of mostly weekend use -- is on its last legs, and our previous plans to buy a new car have been put on hold by recent events. Mass transit to the Readercon hotel looks to be not only expensive (Amtrak) but also convoluted and long (train to commuter train to bus to sled dogs to funicular railway, and then ask, I think).

So I'd rather find another way of getting there, if I can. Is there anyone within the sound of my voice traveling from the New York area (preferably New Jersey, but I'm not fussy -- I can get into the city easily), with an extra seat available in their car? I'm pretty good company, if I do say so myself.

I'd prefer to go up on Friday and come back on Sunday, but I've got a hotel reservation for Thursday night, so I can go up then, if that's when you're traveling.

Serious inquiries only, please, to acwheele at optonline dot net. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hey, it'll be good to see you there.

Kate Nepveu said...

I'm coming from the wrong direction, but hope to see you there.

Anonymous said...

It'll be great seeing you there! It's a terrific convention.
Ellen D

Larc said...

Can't give you a ride (coming from Detroit, stopping in upstate NY, and have a Thing One (toddler sized, female) of our own. But, will try to say hello!

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