Monday, June 25, 2007

Blog in Exile: Random News & Links for 6/25

Free Geekery lists the ways you could turn yourself into a cyborg (the bleeding-edge-tech, kewl kind -- he doesn't include mundane things like my mother-in-law's new knee, or any prostheses, actually).

There is now a video game based on the classic 1964 Arkady & Boris Strugatski novel Hard to Be a God.

Wil McCarthy's new column in SciFi Weekly is all about robots, from Asimov to Michael Bay.

Locus Online lists new books that they've seen in mid-June, including Tobias S. Buckell's Ragamuffin, Ken MacLeod's The Execution Channel, Susan Palwick's Shelter, and more.

Reuters reports that a hacker calling itself "Gabriel" claims to have stolen the text of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and to have posted "spoilers" online for the end of that book.

The New York Times explains how to get rid of books. [via Blog of a Bookslut]

Salon explains the PGW bankruptcy (and its effect on smaller publishers) for the layman.

Will Shetterly drops the Outline Rules on the table.

Jeff VanderMeer has posted his Locus article "My European Summer" (about how he spent last summer) on his spiffy new blog.

How about curling up and reading inside your bookcase?

And, lastly for today, Matthew Cheney is sick and tired of hearing SF types whine about how the "literary establishment" keeps stealing our lunch money and beating us up at the bus stop. Tell 'em, Matt.

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